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Cisco certifications validate your ability to use the best-in-class networking and business communications devices from Cisco Systems. The Cisco Career Certification program offers a diverse range of credentials that bring measurable rewards to network professionals and the companies that employ them.


We organize Network, security and data Centre, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Palo Alto Networks and Check Point webinars. In these webinars, Network & Security Certified expert, directors and VPs will discuss the tips you need to know and the traps you need to avoid as you begin to evaluate managed Security Service Providers and the world of outsourced security.

Certified Consultant

We has taken note of the evolution of the role of the network security professional and its relevance to the industry. The speed at which data Centre and network security is evolving demands more practical, hands-on skills in network security and data centre engineering has made data Centre and security performance more visible to the entire organizations in the industry.
We have team of high professional, industrially motivated and certified Consultant in our team. They already has earn a well reputation in the market for their professional services rendered to their customers.

Router TechNotes

Router TechNotes is qualified Network and Security Solutions and services provider in the multinational environment.
We are specialized in provision, implementation, maintenance and management of Networking . As a supplier
of networking services the company's strategy has evolved in parallel with the emergence of intelligent Networks.

We possesses the best available Pre and Post sales technical expertise in the field of service provider and enterprise
Networks to provide Network Solutions and after sales support. Based on factors like quality, manageability,
cost effectiveness and scalability making our solutions and after sales support the most effective in the region.
We are proud to be a Solution provider with the following Products:

Cisco Palo Alto Network Check Point AlgoSec Microsoft

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